Expressive Art Inspired by Nature, Travel, and Spirituality

My Studio for Fine Art is an atelier for the production of my original prints and paintings and a facility for mentoring drawing, watercolor and painting. The studio is located in a separate building at my North End of Nashua home.

I remember one of my college roommates saying “Loretta, You’re the sort of person who would find meaning in a falling leaf! “ I thought “Doesn’t everybody find meaning in a falling leaf? If not, why not?”

By creatively re-imagining the specific, I invoke the universal. For my religious art, I reverse the process from concept to specific, as in my images inspired by the Old and New Testament. But I still have the objective to give pleasure to the imagination of the viewer, give validation to their intuitive musings, and to enrich the scope and depth of those verbal or nonverbal musings.

Loretta CR Hubley
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Studio for Fine Art

My major technique of expression has been Intaglio printmaking. I create large, colorful and very textured etchings. I also paint in watercolor and in water-based oils on canvas. I am a retired professor but still mentor students in my private Nashua North End studio, called the Studio for Fine Art.