“This is how it starts” sketchbook art exhibit

Flower & Landscape sketchbook by Loretta CR Hubley
I am excited about this exhibit sponsored by the Cambridge Art Association. One of my adult students, my daughter Kristiana, & I visited because I had a sketchbook in the juried show. We became intrigued by the variety of sketchbook forms and subject matter. There were bound sketchbooks, computer art, loose pages gathered together in plastic sleeves and even a self-published sketchbook which could act as a portfolio for a job interview. Other sketchbooks had themes aimed at creating a specific work of art and still others were formats for creative play. My student finally understood why I have been encouraging her to keep her ideas in some kind of format. And my daughter increased in appreciation of my studio time, saying “Mom, you really have a different way of seeing; you really should contribute to the art world.” Kathryn Schultz Gallery, 25 Lowell St. Cambridge through Feb. 2019


Loretta CR Hubley

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